There are several reasons why carpet develops wrinkles.  Here are a few of the most common ones we see.

Loose install:  if the carpet was not properly installed at time of installation it will become wrinkled over time as foot traffic begins to work and stretch the carpet.  If the carpet is properly installed using a power stretcher (which is not always done) not a knee kicker wrinkles are not likely to become a problem.  If your having new carpet installed it would be prudent to have a life time installation guarantee and ensure they use a power stretcher.  A power stretcher pushes off the opposite wall with a long bar across the room where the carpet is then set into the tackless strips.

Delamination:  This occurs where the primary backing and the secondary backing of the carpet separate causing a wrinkle on the surface.  There are several ways this can occur.  One is improper spot cleaning, using a solvent based cleaner.  Although solvent based cleaners are very effective on oil grease tar, if you use too much at a time it will penetrate into the backing of the carpet and break down the latex which holds the primary and secondary backings together.  Office chairs with rollers are another culprit of delamination as the constant to and from motion of the wheels over and over again working the backings of the carpet together a and thus breaking down the latex again causing a wrinkle.  Those plastic mats help a lot to prevent this from happening.  Water damage is another cause for delamination if not properly dried.  Saturated carpet causes the latex to weaken and with normal foot traffic delamination occurs.  Good news is this can be prevented by completely drying the carpet and pad.  The latex regains its strength and integrity without damage.  Small areas of delamination can be fixed by reapplying the latex to the back, however this is time consuming and the results are good but often not as good as new.

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