It is the Christmas season and there are a lot of parties going on and a lot of stress going around right now.  Let us take some of the worries away from you this time of year.  We’ll take your carpet worries away.  When you’re at a party don’t worry about spilling your drink.  Whether its punch, wine, or any colored drink we can get it out.  Whether food spills, foot traffic, or the family pet got into the candy stash and got a little sick, we can get it out.  From the cranberry sauce to the cherry pie let us come in and clean up after your party.  Feel free to also party hard at your neighbor’s house knowing if you make a mess at their house; just tell the host not to fear Fosters Carpet Care can take care of all their  carpet cleaning needs.  When at your company Christmas party, don’t worry about spilling food there either, we also clean commercial buildings and offices.  If it’s carpeted or upholstered we can clean it.

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