What do you do when you have a really strong pet urine odor? First off, we provide free estimates inScottsdale,Phoenix, Casa Grande,Tucson, and all surrounding areas. We use a UV light (black light) to spot urine in the carpet where you can’t see it with the naked eye. The light shows where and how heavily concentrated the urine is. Depending on the results, Fosters Carpet Care has three different methods of removing the urine.

A phase 1 urine treatment is designed for the light to moderate urine deposits where our enzyme is applied to the carpet and allowed to dwell to penetrate the fibers and eat the urine. It is then cleaned to reveal a restored carpet.

For the heavier concentrations, we have a phase 2 and 3 which both involve changing the pad in the contaminated area and cleaning and treating both sides of the carpet. The difference between 2 and 3 is the product used and the amount of time the product will sit on the carpet before it is washed off.

In most cases, we can save more carpets than people think. Before you replace, have us come and give you a free estimate.

For all of your Scottsdale carpet cleaning needs, remember to call Fosters Carpet Care and Repair. Thank you!

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