If you come to a point in time when you need to buy new carpet, what kind of carpet should you buy? There is different quality levels in the carpets produced. What makes the difference is the density of the fibers, the amount of twist that is put into the fibers, and the style of the carpet.

There are many different materials and manufactures, but for residential homes I prefer nylon carpet. Nylon holds up the best, in my opinion. Ninety percent of the carpets are made of nylon because it’s the best in holding up to wear and the easiest to clean. Once you pick your price point, you can see which carpet you like and just stay with the nylon.

Some other carpets are made out of polyester, which I don’t like at all. Oils bond with these fibers and don’t clean off too easily. Also, the wear pattern is terrible; once you have a traffic area, the wear pattern never goes away. The fibers wear down on the tips and have a graying that can’t be reversed. It does have a natural colored stain resistance, but that’s the only selling point that polyester can boast. Beware that there are some other carpets that go by other names but are really just polyester in disguise. The manufacturer, aware of polyester’s flaws, changes the name, but the carpet still cleans and wears the same.

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