What do you do if a carpet is too saturated with urine and you need to replace it? It’s not as easy as just replacing the carpet and pad. If you do that, you could end up with a lingering urine odor. With bad urine problems, the urine goes right through the carpet and pad and soaks into the sub-floor. To fix this, it can be treated or sealed. Concrete is easy to seal ,but a wood sub-floor may need several applications. However, your installer usually provides that.

Another area of concern is your tack-less strip. If your pet was a wall sprayer, be sure to remove all the wooden strips that were affected. The wood absorbs a lot of urine, and it is cheap enough to change out rather than attempt to have it treated.

Third, check your baseboards, walls, doors, and anything within spraying distance. These materials absorb and hold a lot of urine, and you may need to treat, seal, or replace some of them. We’ve seen baseboards swelled to twice the normal size from absorbing urine. If that’s the case with you, then they need to be replaced. Hopefully you won’t need all of this, but be sure to check.

For all of your Scottsdale carpet cleaning needs and all surrounding areas, remember to call Fosters Carpet Care and Repair. Thank you!

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