What’s the best way to maintain your carpet?  Three words; vacuum, vacuum, vacuum!

Think about how much dust ends up on your coffee table.  Your carpet collects all that PLUS all the foot traffic debris as well.   A grain of sand has eighteen cutting edges.  When that sand is in your carpet and you are walking on it it’s like sandpaper grinding all of your fibers down.  That’s where you get the grey-looking carpet traffic areas.  The sand dulls the color and grinds some of the fibers loose.  Once this happens your carpet cannot be restored.

If soil goes in the carpet dry it is best to remove it dry by vacuuming.  So vacuum a little extra by door openings and walkways and use entry mats to help prevent some of the
soil from entering your home in the first place.

Please remember to call Fosters Carpet Care for your carpet cleaning needs in Scottsdale and the rest of the valley, Tucson and Casa Grande.

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