A lady was moving out of her apartment and was worried that the apartments were going to charge her for her carpet due to some bleach stains on it.  She called us to give her an estimate and see if we could save her.  When we got there, her story was that she had a fight with her boyfriend and got so mad that she took a gallon of bleach and was going to poor it all over his clothes hanging in the closet.  Well they started struggling over the bottle splashing bleach all over the bedroom.  Good thing there was furniture in the room or it could’ve been a lot worse but there was still about thirty little bleach
spots throughout.  I don’t know how the relationship ended up in the end but we were able to spot dye the spots to the original color and the apartments never knew and the nice lady got her deposit back.  So for all your Scottsdale carpet cleaning needs as well as Tucson, Casa Grande, and the rest of the valley, thanks for reading.

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