Some people put off cleaning their new carpets because they believe once you get a new carpet cleaned it gets dirty faster.  This was once the case with the shampoos used years ago.  They would leave a residue that would attract dirt and hold onto it so it was true that carpets got dirtier, faster.

Cleaning products have come a long ways since those days.  Cleaning products are made specifically for carpets now with very low residuals to keep your carpet as clean as when you bought it.  We pretreat the carpet with an alkaline cleaner then clean and rinse the carpet with an acid based rinsing agent that rinses the carpet better than water does.  This leaves the carpet residue free, Ph neutral, and very soft.   This is also a must if a protectant is going to be applied because the protectants are acid and need the carpets to be natural or acid to adhere to.  If the carpet was cleaned with an alkaline cleaner and left that way the acid based protectant would just neutralize much of it making it not as effective.  So don’t hold off on any Scottsdale carpet cleaning needs or anywhere else in the Valley of the Sun and we also clean in Tucson and Casa Grande.

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