We often think of bleach as a great cleaning disinfectant and it is, but not on your carpet.  There are some carpets made from material like Olefin that bleach doesn’t affect.  However, most carpet is made of nylon and will lose its color when it comes in contact with bleach.  Other products will also cause color loss to carpet, like acne medicine, tile cleaners and even over the counter carpet cleaners.  Whenever you use a cleaning product test it first in an inconspicuous place (like the closet).  Be sure and let your test spot completely dry as bleaching action does not occur instantly. We’ll talk spot cleaning another day.

If you do encounter bleach on your carpet (as one lady did when the lid came off her bleach container when it hit the ground), quickly keep it from spreading by soaking up as much residue as possible.  Then, give your professional carpet cleaner a call so he can repair the damage.

The spot can be returned to its original condition using carpet dye.  This is often more of an art than a science so results will very with each spot and technician but it should
be better than a patch.  However, some heavy bleach spots damage the carpet fibers to where they won’t accept dye and a patch is your only option.

Give us a call to access your bleach stain with you.

Please remember to call Fosters Carpet Care for any of your Scottsdale carpet cleaning needs as well as the rest of the valley, Tucson and Casa Grande, Fosters carpet Care.

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